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25 May

Exterior Renovation: What comes first Windows or Siding?

For most people, a house is their biggest investment, and improvements can have a big impact on the home’s performance. Energy efficient upgrades like siding and windows will boost your home’s the thermal protection and are the best ways to save money and add value to your home. And the most common question is: what to replaced first, siding or windows? Most experts will agree that at the same time will be the ideal answer. ANWAD Inc. Windows and Doors understands that it is too challenging to tackle two big projects at the same time due to budgetary constraints. In this case, we recommend starting by replacing the windows.

Windows typically account for 25 – 30 % of energy lost, therefore by replacing old windows with new energy efficient ones can help save on energy bills. The benefit of replacing windows first is that through ventilation, the air quality inside the home improves, which in turn promotes a healthy indoor environment for homeowners.

Another reason is that it is cost and time effective to replace first the windows. The installation crew will have enough time and space to fit the windows in perfectly and finish them with the aluminum capping, a protective barrier that seals the gap between the wall and the window. If the capping is damaged during the installation of the siding, it will be replaced at no charge. In some cases, in order to install a window, the siding around it must be removed and later reinstalled, which could add to the cost of the project, not to mention that the new siding can also be scratched or damaged.

It is recommended to work with the best materials and the right partner to ensure the success of the project. So, take the extra time to find the best energy efficient windows and favorite siding materials for your home, it will result in a design that will be loved in the long run.

It is best to work with an exterior renovation contractor who can do both, windows and siding. There is no better choice than choosing ANWAD Inc. Windows and Doors for your exterior renovation needs. Contact us for a free estimate at 780 222 1101.


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