Single Slider Window

Our Single Slider windows have only one sash that slides horizontally within the frame with the other sash fixed. This window comes with the half screen that is on the opening end operation only and is removable for easy cleaning. This type of window opens sideways or horizontally when compared to a single hung window which opens vertically. Single slider windows have 2 panes of glass, one fixed and the second pane is the one that moves on a track.


– Fully Customized
– Energy Efficient
– High Standards

We warranty our work and are happy to make the call on replacement when the time comes. At ANWAD Inc. we are proud of our work and being homeowners we too pay close attention to the smallest of details. We can match existing colors or help you choose new colors. Call our team today for assistance.

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These windows are ideal for bedroom windows allowing airflow and being at the chest of face level which is perfect for viewing but high enough for safety because of the height factor.