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21 Jul

Why Get A New Door?

Why Get A New Door?

Sometimes you need to replace the doors that are already present and or currently installed on your home. Something to consider is whether the new door is the same size or will you need to renovate the door jam? If renovating is the answer then this will likely just cost more than a simple interior/exterior door change because of the renovation to the existing structure. If your wall needs to be re-framed because the existing frame is undersized, that will add to the price. Alternatively, if you can select a door that is the same size you can possibly save a bit of money as no renovations are needed.

Is the current frame usable or not? Reframing or moving an exterior door can require additional siding, insulation, and possibly even electrical work. This isn’t always the case and on some door jams modifications are needed but be prepared for some extra work.

Years of experience & factory-direct pricing make all our new customers confident in their new door purchase.



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