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21 Jul

Another window renovation project completed in just two days. Two years ago, the customer purchased an entrance door, and this year they return with a new project. This is what makes us happy, to see customers who want to work with us again. They need it to replace all the windows in their home, and not only did they want to make the house energy efficient, but they also wanted to maximize their return on investment by qualifying for a government grant through the Canada Greener Homes Initiative program. The energy rating for this project ranged from ER43 to ER46.

This project features windows from the Heritage Maximum Collection with a slim frame design that widens the view and increases the daylight in any opening. Windows in this collection have 4 ½’’ fusion welded frame and sash for superior strength and structural integrity. Combining the frame with the Solar Solutions glass options, provides several options for maximizing energy savings. Heritage Maximum Collection windows comes with Premium hardware and can be painted in your choice of colour to perfectly match your design style.

Contact us today to learn more about this incredible collection. Let us help you with your renovation needs.


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