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07 Sep

Black patio door project

Sliding Patio doors are a stylish and modern option that will fill the room with endless light and offer great views to the beautiful outdoors. Combining the classic lines of the frame with the colour of your choice, the sliding door will fit perfectly into your home.

Check out our latest installation and see how beautiful the project ends up being. The customer decided to switch from a swing double door to a sliding one. The advantages of the new door to enjoy are that when open, the door will not take up extra space, more light will enter inside, and it this is a very secure option.

This project features a standard 6 ft patio door with miniblinds. The customer chose the colour black on the outside as it fits perfectly with exterior of the house. It was finished in black woodgrain aluminum capping on the outside, interior trim included crown molding on the top and MDF trim on the sides.

Contact us today to learn more about this incredible product. Let us help you with your renovation needs.


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