Awning Window

With Multiple sizes available, Awning windows are an excellent for design and versatility. Allowing a large amount of fresh air into any open space these windows usually swing outwards either vertically or horizontally, horizontally being the one chosen most of the time.

Our Awning windows open up 45 degrees from the bottom letting air circulate freely, while providing a unique protective shield to keep rain out and come with an easy-clean removable screen.

Something to consider is the position of your window when fully open. If any planning can be done, make sure to take note of wind direction on your property and any potential hazards like pathways around your home should be considered.


  • Push out & crank out versions
  • Rotating handle
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Rated for Energy Efficiency Alberta Program
  • Built For Alberta Climates

Low-Emissive (Low-E) Glass

Low-E glass is manufactured by depositing a microscopically thin, transparent metal or metallic oxide layer on the glass. Low-E coatings reduce radiant heat loss and can reduce the passage of UV rays. Use of heat-resistant (or absorbing) glass began in the 1950s, as did the use of reflective (or mirror) glass.