Double Hung Window

Double-hung windows are designed to open without touching, hitting or blocking the area immediately outside of the home in this space. Ideal for decks, patios, and walkways. As well, These windows can be removed from the inside for easy removal, replacement, and cleaning while inside your home.

Our Double Hung Windows can open from the top or bottom with an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past each other in a single frame allowing more flexibility in ventilation. Both sashes also tilt in to permit east exterior cleaning from the inside and the window comes with removable easy to clean full screen.

Low-Emissive (Low-E) Glass

Low-E glass is manufactured by depositing a microscopically thin, transparent metal or metallic oxide layer on the glass. Low-E coatings reduce radiant heat loss and can reduce the passage of UV rays. Use of heat-resistant (or absorbing) glass began in the 1950s, as did the use of reflective (or mirror) glass.

These types of windows are great for vertical spaces that are dim like stairways or additional spaces found in more modern construction. They also allow a lot of open space without the cost of a large picture window.


  1. vertical open via sliding panels
  2. saves space (outside of the home)
  3. washable and removable, replaceable