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This Craftsman style inspired stained glass window is made up of textures that evoke the beauty of nature. While the chinchilla glass dances with the sun, its diamond glass fills your entrance with sparkling light.



Simple and minimalist, Nuando stands out with its gray sandblasted finish glass. This window matches the asymmetrical arrangement of windows and volumes on contemporary-style houses. Available in right or left versions.



A sophisticated looking stained glass designed for today’s architectural styles. This model expresses all its nobility thanks to a bold composition and contrasting textures. Nobel will enhance contemporary or classic style single-family homes.



The Side model combines privacy and visibility thanks to its sandblasted finish glass and subtle clear stripe on one side. This minimalist detail blends in with the simple, asymmetrical volumes of contemporary-style architecture. Side is the perfect choice for townhouses or multi-unit homes. Available in right or left versions.



The Equation model offers the simplicity and privacy of sandblasted finish glass, crossed with black perpendicular lines. Evoking window grids and divisions in a more modern style, Equation is the perfect match for Contemporary or Farmhouse style homes. Thin, clear lines allow a view to the outside. Available in left or right versions.



Classic style doorglass in its simplest form. Sleek and balanced, Winchester offers a rich, contrasting mix of clear and satin finish glass with black patina caming. With its elegant beveled clear glass border, Winchester provides both privacy and visibility.


Four groups of clear lines and a sandblasted finish that extend the Oso door’s pattern. Ideal for designing harmonious and modern entrances.


Borrowing design cues from Craftsman style stained glass, this unique model is a perfect match with rich and classic stone houses. With its bold mix of strong textures punctuated by gray glass inserts, Ophir will be the centerpiece of your home’s facade.
22 x 64


Belmont is a Stained Glass model with an urban look designed for today’s architectural styles. Its minimalist, asymmetrical composition of flat black patina caming and satin finish glass fits perfectly with the volumes and materials found in the architecture of contemporary houses. Paired with a satin black handle, Belmont’s elegance is unrivaled.


This sandblasted finish doorglass is anything but bland. Fine diagonal lines intertwine to create a pattern that moves as your point of view changes. Arum offers the simplicity of sandblasted finish glass with an elegant design and a high degree of privacy that will enhance the look of your home for both renovation and new construction projects.


Tao means harmony with nature. This door’s horizontal lines feature gentle organic curves that add movement to the otherwise smooth surface of the steel. The result is a sophisticated door that is both bold and minimalist – two of the core tenets of contemporary style.



We love Mid-century modern houses! We want to see them at their best looking fresh and up to date. The new Era door is in perfect harmony with this style’s many assets: simplicity, asymmetry, and geometry. Painting this door in a vibrant color will add contrast to your facade’s neutral and natural tones. Rediscover the exciting color palettes that made this type of architecture so memorable.