Picture Window

Picture windows are intended for extra large area or openings in a home or office. As these windows bring in a lot of natural light you tend to not need harsh interior lighting giving the room a warmer feel. In addition, These windows are usually the largest type of window in many homes. They still meet all energy efficiency or performance requirements. Our windows contain gasses like argon to block out the sun while keeping in heat. Large picture windows make a beautiful accent to any room but only if they’re built correctly.

All of windows are 100% Canadian made right here in Alberta. This way we know their built for our harsh winters and warm summers. Whether its renovation or brand new construction, there are plenty of options available to the homeowner, To find out more contact us now

Ideal applications:

  • large open concept
  • new construction
  • recently renovated
  • family homes
  • residential buildings
  • commercial buildings