Double Slider Window

The Double Slider Window is perfect for any bedroom as the large opening allows lots of natural light and when slid open allows lots of air into the room. We recommend allowing air into the home especially in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. These windows should be professionally installed given the moist conditions that are subject to mold. One main benefit is convenience because these windows are generally larger in size it is much easier to slide open versus crank open.

Double Slider windows has both sashes that slide horizontally within the frame and are perfect for a large window area where maximum ventilation is required without obstructing the view. Easy interior or exterior cleaning.


– Full or half screen options
– Additional weatherstripping.

These windows are an excellent addition to your home and because these windows open from either side. This allows the homeowner to accommodate a breeze from either direction. Keep in mind there are many options on the market today for new construction projects.