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17 Apr

Things to consider when purchasing your doors

Are you tired of the same old and outdated exterior of your home? The easiest way to add the curb appeal and make your home more inviting is to upgrade your front door this summer. The front door is one of the most memorable aspects of your house to other people, but also is a barrier between you and the outside world. When choosing the front door, make sure its style complements you. What you should consider when choosing the doors:

  1. Material from which it is made (steel of fiberglass).

 Steel doors are a more economical option that still maintains quality. It is a durable material that provides safety but can be prone to rust in high humidity environments and it is more easier denting than fiberglass. Fiberglass doors will never rust and hard to be damaged, are easier to clean and require little maintenance, but are a more expensive option with good quality material.

  1. Door style (panels, glass, colour, hardware).

 For a classic or modern look, doors can come in a variety of panels options from none, to 2, to 9 panels. From soft to dramatic bold looks, choose your type here.

Adding glass to your door will enhance the entrance and give your home a friendly and sophisticated appearance. If you are looking for privacy or want to give your entrance a more luxurious feel, check out some styles here.

The final style detail to add to your door is colour. A bright and bold colour will create a strong visual accent for your home.

Let’s also not forget about how important finishing touches like door hardware are. Long handles or small knobs will change the overall look of the door. Bronze or copper finished hardware can add rustic charm, while nickel or polished brass can modernize the look.

  1. Enlarge the opening or leave it the same (single, with sidelights, double doors).

Many homeowners are now thinking about increasing the front door opening. Sidelights are a great option for this:  they make the space brighter, visually cozier and more luxurious, and from a practical standpoint, make it easier to move furniture in and out of the house.

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