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07 Jun

Glass Insert PORTRAIT

When the time comes to think about replacing the doors, the variety of glass inserts is striking. In today’s blog we are featuring the new Portrait glass insert.  This Craftsman-inspired stained-glass window is made up of textures that evoke beauty and simplicity. The combination of chinchilla glass and diamond glass will fill your entrance with radiant light. The refraction of light in the glass makes your entryway shine and creates privacy, while at the same time including transparent areas that allows you to see the world around you.

Standard features

Privacy Level: 4/5 private

Product type: Stained Glass – Chinchilla glass, beveled clear glass, Diamond glass and Sydney glass.

Caming: Patina (black).

Energy efficient: Glazing with energy-efficient glass (low emissivity) that reflects heat radiation keeping it inside the home.

Insulated glass filled with Argon gas which reduces heat transfer by convection and improves energy efficiency.

Triple glazed Insulated unit assembled with two aluminum type spacers and Stained Glass in between.

Standard dimensions

Insulated glass sizes: 22 x 64″, 7 x 64″, 22 x 48″, 8 x 48″, 22 x 36″, 8 x 36″, 22 x 14 ⁷⁄₁₆”

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